Saturday, June 28, 2008

Tenth hour (9:00-10:00 p.m. EDT) ~ REPORT

Title of book(s) I've been reading this hour (hourly # of pages):
..... Forgive Me ~ by Amanda Eyre Ward (10 pages)
..... Total pages this hour = 10 pages

Books I've read (or dipped into) since I started (total # of pages):
..... A Three Dog Life ~ by Abigail Thomas (182 pages)
..... Big Woods ("The Bear") ~ by William Faulkner (15 pages)
..... Memories, Dreams, Reflections ~ by Carl Jung (12 pages)
..... Rules Are Rules ~ by Julie Scandora (32 pages)
..... Forgive Me ~ by Amanda Eyre Ward (54 pages)
..... Total pages today = 295 pages

Comments about this hour:
..... I dozed, because I DID lie down after all.
..... And I'm still taking notes on the book, lowering the page count.
..... I've been thinking about soaking in the tub while I read, though I'm afraid I'd fall asleep for sure that way! Maybe I'll do it though, just for the sheer relaxation and enjoyment of a warm bath.

Time spent reading since my last post (and collectively):
15 minutes (255 minutes = 4 hours + 45 minutes)

Other participants I've visited this hour:
..... Hannah, who is organizing all the prizes, winners and donors
Trish, who is Dewey's sidekick and spreadsheet master.

Mini-challenge this hour:
..... Hour 10 was BLANK, Dewey announced.
..... The Hour 11 Mini-Challenge is specialized, not something I can do.


Care said...

Keep reading! You're doing GREAT at reading AND blogging the updates.

Kristi said...

Yeah, lying down will lead to dozing ;>). You're doing great, though! I used to read in the bath a lot, but I haven't done that in a long time. Hmmm...

Hope you get lots more reading done!

trish said...

I LOVE reading in the bath. But I could definitely fall asleep in there, too. :-)