Sunday, June 29, 2008

Fourteenth hour (1:00-2:00 a.m. EDT) ~ REPORT

Title of book(s) I've been reading this hour (hourly # of pages):
..... Forgive Me ~ by Amanda Eyre Ward (21 pages)
..... Total pages this hour = 21 pages

Books I've read (or dipped into) since I started (total # of pages):
..... A Three Dog Life ~ by Abigail Thomas (182 pages)
..... Big Woods ("The Bear") ~ by William Faulkner (15 pages)
..... Memories, Dreams, Reflections ~ by Carl Jung (12 pages)
..... Rules Are Rules ~ by Julie Scandora (32 pages)
..... Forgive Me ~ by Amanda Eyre Ward (120 pages)
..... Total pages today = 351 pages

Comments about this hour:
..... Actually, the warm bath was very conducive to reading.
..... I'm a night owl and feel ready to go the distance now.
..... I've popped some popcorn for strength and endurance ... lol.

Time spent reading since my last post (and collectively):
..... 20 minutes (360 minutes = 6 hours)

Other participants I've visited this hour:
..... Dewey

Mini-challenge for the upcoming (15th) hour:
Where is your current book set? If it’s a real place, go to wikipedia and find five interesting facts about the place and post about it in your blog.
Forgive Me is set in Cape Town, South Africa, during the time of the Truth and Reconciliation Committee meetings. Here are five interesting facts about South Africa:
(1) Cape Town is home to Table Mountain. The highest point on Table Mountain is 1,086 metres (3,563 feet) above sea level. This photo (click photo to enlarge it) fits in a post, but see my latest header of Bonnie's Books (above) to see the town from atop the mountain.
(2) Cape Town is the second most populous city in South Africa; it was the largest city in South Africa until the growth of Johannesburg.
(3) According to the South African National Census of 2001, the population of Cape Town is 2,893,251 people.
(4) Wikipedia had this photo of Bo-Kaap, an area of Cape Town where the characters happen to be as I've been reading the last few pages.
(5) Read what Absolute Vanilla, a South African, wrote this month about the violence and lack of logic in her country.

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