Monday, February 5, 2018

Monday Mindfulness ~ being friendly

Click on the calendar to enlarge it and read the words easier
Another week and a new list from the happiness calendar.  Here are the suggestions for each day:

Feb. 5
~ Do something supportive and friendly for your colleagues.
Feb. 6
~ Show an active interest by asking questions when talking to others.
Feb. 7
~ Thank someone and tell them how they made a difference for you.
Feb. 8
~ Notice the good qualities of everyone you meet today.
Feb. 9
~ Say friendly things to people who work in your local shop or cafe.
Feb. 10
~ Tell a loved one about their strengths that you value most.
Feb. 11
~ Put away digital devices and really focus on who you're with.

Happiness Report

I really meant to "write down my dreams and plans for the future" last week, but maybe I can get to it today instead of being supportive of "colleagues."  I'm a word person, and I know a colleague is "a person with whom one works, especially in a profession or business."  I'm retired and have no "colleagues" to support, unless it's my friend Donna who also works in the small library of our retirement center.  But we don't work every day, and we rarely work there at the same time.  Instead, today I'll think about my dreams and plans for the future.

"People forget what you said and what you did.
But they never forget how you made them feel."
— Maya Angelou


Helen's Book Blog said...

I know we've "talked" about this already, but I do like this monthly calendar even if I don't do every single one of the tasks. It makes me think about happiness more often and that's a good thing.

Bonnie Jacobs said...

Yes, I agree. I don't try to be exact about doing what's suggested, like trying to "count how many people I smile at" (really?!?!?), but I do feel better when I am focused on happy things ... and friendly things ... and compassionate things. Yes, the calendar is good for me.