Friday, June 22, 2012

Audio tapes

After the Ecstasy, the Laundry: How the Heart Grows Wise on the Spiritual Path ~ by Jack Kornfield, 2000, six audio tapes
An audio adaptation of the book, this program reveals how the modern spiritual journey unfolds, and the difficulties of translating that freedom into daily life.  Drawing on the experiences and insights of leaders and practitioners within the Buddhist, Christian, Jewish, Hindu, and Sufi traditions, Kornfield offers an understanding of how the modern spiritual journey unfolds — and how we can prepare our hearts for awakening.
The Practice of the Presence of God ~ by Brother Laurence, read by Bob Tetreault, 2000, one audio tape
Full of realistic honesty, friendliness, and simplicity, Brother Lawrence shows that it is possible to meet God amongst the pots and pans — in the ordinary, daily events of life.  "In the way of God, thoughts count very little," said Brother Lawrence, a 17th century Carmelite monk who spent much of his monastic life in the kitchen.  "Love does it all."
Awakening Compassion: Meditation Practice For Difficult Times ~ by Pema Chödrön, 1995, six audio tapes
For more than 800 years, Tibetan Buddhists have used the principles of lojong (literally, "mind training") to transform difficulties into insights, and conflict into genuine communication.  This is the first audio retreat on the practice of lojong taught by Pema Chödrön herself.  With many techniques for dealing with jealousy, anger, and fear, this is a unique resource for bringing compassion into the world and stopping the cycle of suffering in our own lives.
Radiant Heart: The Radical Teachings of Jesus and the Christian Mystics ~ by Andrew Harvey, 1999, six audio tapes
The desert mystics used the life of Jesus as a spiritual template.  Beginning with an investigation into the original practices of Jesus and ending with a series of transformative meditations for opening to the power of Christ consciousness, Andrew Harvey invites us to look beyond nearly 2,000 years of dogma and distortion to see the path traveled by Jesus — and history’s most influential saints and mystics.
Exploring the Cosmic Christ Archetype ~ by Matthew Fox, 1992, two audio tapes
Fox offers a new, dynamic vision of the creation story, based on his search for the divine in our world today.  Five and a half billion years ago, he says, a supernova exploded and died.  Its resurrective power gave birth to the elements in our bodies.  These elements – fire, earth, water, and air – are celebrated by every native religion in chant, in prayer, in ritual and are the basis ofhis  "Cosmic Christ" theology.  He calls for a return to a joyful form of worship, free of dogma, that speaks to you personally.
The Divine Dance: Exploring the Mystery of Trinity ~ by Richard Rohr, 2004, four audio tapes
Rohr says, "Don't start with one and try to make it three, but start with three and know that is the very nature of the One – and everything there is."  From there, he opens up the central and hidden mystery of the Trinity to show its very practical and pastoral implications for community, family, politics, sexuality, and spirituality.
The Anti-Gospel of Our Time: The Need to Play the Victim and to Create Victims ~ by Richard Rohr, 1998, four audio tapes
Richard Rohr spoke at Shalem Institute's 25th Anniversary Event on October 29-30, 1998.  His topic was this Anti-Gospel.  Afterwards, several participants reflected very briefly on what they heard, and you can read their remarks here.
Wisdom of the Sadhu: Teachings of Sundar Singh ~ read by Al Stone, 2000, three audio tapes
Though known in his lifetime as India's most famous convert to Christianity, Sundar Singh (1889-1929) never accepted the conventions of Christianity, but gravitated instead to its stark original teachings.  His teachings in this collection of anecdotes, sayings, parables, and meditations probe the essence of the Gospels with unusual freahness.
My thanks to Jan @ Yearning for God, who sent me a box of audio tapes, which also included these:
Eat That Frog! ~ by Brian Tracy, 2001 (2 tapes)
The Place of Scripture in Spiritual Formation ~ by Hazelyn McComas, 2001 (5 tapes)
Hebrew Spirituality ~ by Robert Morris, 2002 (5 tapes)
Liturgy and Spirituality ~ by Don Saliers, 2002 (5 tapes)
Christian Spirituality and Cultural Spiritualities ~ by Michael Cartwright, 2003 (5 tapes)
New Testament Communities and Our Community ~ by Robert Mulholland, 2003 (5 tapes)
What in the World is God Doing? ~ by Richard J. Foster (1 tape)
Living in the Now ~ by David Stendl-Rast (4 tapes)
Healing Starts from the Heart ~ by David Stendl-Rast, 1992 (2 tapes)
There Is Only Now ~ by Scott Morrison (1 tape)
Sermons ~ by Gordon Cosby (10 tapes)
Stillness Speaks ~ by Eckhart Tolle (2 tapes)
The Gift of Contemplation and Your Spiritual Journey ~ by Thomas Keating (5 tapes)


Jan said...

So glad you got them!! And if you sent me an email about them, it was lost through a glitch with my grandecom account. Mail for 3+ days was locked out and lost. They said my mailbox was too full, but I couldn't get to it at all. Love to you.

Bonnie Jacobs said...

I did email you and was told "Can't create output" (whatever that means), when it bounced back to me. Here's what I said in the email:

"Audio tapes arrived. Thank you, Jan. I also thanked you on my blog, but I don't think you've been thinking about blogs while you're with Avery. Have fun with her.