Saturday, February 11, 2012

The House on Olive Street ~ by Robyn Carr

The House on Olive Street ~ by Robyn Carr, 1999, fiction, 9/10

I borrowed this book from my friend Jane, and it was a good one.  Five women, all published writers, are in a writers group, even though their fields are vastly different.  Four of the women — bestselling author, academic, romance writer, mystery writer — spend a summer sorting through the personal effects of their other friend, who died suddenly.  For each one, it's an escape from something in their own lives.  One is hiding domestic violence; another is hiding her past.  One is afraid to admit she is tired of being alone; another has a large family "using" her without ever "helping" her with chores, even though she's working full-time as well as being a wife and mother.  On top of all that, they learn things about their deceased friend they never knew.  And for all of them, life changes that summer.

Highly recommended and rated 9/10, an excellent book.


Helen's Book Blog said...

This sounds like a good one, glad you liked it

Marg said...

I love Robyn Carr's books, although I have mainly been reading her Virgin River romance novels. I am looking forward to trying some of her other books, and this is one of the ones that my library has so I will be getting to it in due course.