Sunday, June 19, 2011

A place to write

Forty-odd years ago, "Writer's Digest" published a series of amateur photos showing where writers worked.  I went into my den, camera in hand, and took a picture of the big drafting table where I did my own writing.

Years later, a newspaper photographer came to my house to get a picture to accompany an article about me, and the one that was published shows me behind that same drafting table in that same room — though, by then, I had turned it so I was surrounded by walls of my books.  From there, I was able to look across my den and out the sliding glass door over my deck and into the woods beyond.  A framed copy of that black-and-white photo (shown above) now hangs on the wall in my current house.

Nicky (Absolute Vanilla) has been doing a series asking writers where they write, why, and what they need in the way of support.  This photo shows Nicky's own "writing cave," as she calls it.
Writing Room Revelations, Part 1
Writing Room Revelations, Part 2
Writing Room Revelations, Part 3
Writing Room Revelations, Part 4
Writing Room Revelations, Part 5
Writing Room Revelations, Part 6
Writing Room Revelations, Part 7
For the record, when I write, I prefer quiet or — if I need to drown out sounds — soft instrumental music without words.  Notice in the photo of me at the top that I'm actually using pen and paper.  These days, I do my best writing on a computer, preferably a laptop that can go wherever I choose.


Unknown said...

Thanks so much for featuring the "cave" and the Writing Room Revelations on your blog, Bonnie! Like you, I need quiet to work - quiet and warmth! :-)

Emily said...

I need to be outside and have the encouragement of the plants & animals there. I write on the picnic table on my porch.