Saturday, March 5, 2011

Caturday ~ Izzy's interview

Izzy in black and white (photo ©2011 by Nancy Horner, the Bookfool)
Yesterday, I discovered there's another cat who talks about books.  Isabel, also known as Izzy, interviewed the Bookfool about a book.  You really should go take a look at Izzy's interview.  By the way, Bookfool must have understood Izzy's first question, since she answered it correctly.
Isabel:  "Meow. Meowoo?"  [Translation:  "Good morning.  How are you?"]

Bookfool:  "Good morning to you, too, and I'm fine. It's rather important to ask questions in Human English."
I really think you humans should learn to speak Meow, occasionally. The best part of the interview is Izzy's agenda at the end:
"I must go munch on dry food, explore underneath the drop-cloth, and climb in places I don't belong.  Maybe I'll check out the ceiling fan, again."
I think I'll go read another book, if there's anything good on the lower shelves.  Maybe I should ask Bonnie for a recommendation, since she's tall enough to reach books on the higher shelves.

Kiki Cat, signing off


Bookfool said...

LOL I love it! And, no, I don't mind you borrowing my image. Thanks for asking. :)

Kailana said...

ha ha, cute!