Saturday, April 17, 2010

Lissy's Friends ~ by Grace Lin, 2007

Lissy, a lonely little girl at a new school makes her own friends by folding them from paper.  One day they blow away and other children find them -- and then come looking for Lissy, who shows them how to fold paper into animal shapes (origami).  The online summary says:
"What do you do when you're the new girl at school? If you're Lissy, you make a friend. A paper friend. And to Lissy's surprise, her little origami bird opens his eyes and says hello! So she quickly makes more friends. And soon Lissy has more friends than she can count! But what do you do when your friends have to leave? If you're Lissy, you make another friend . . . but this time one that stays. Utterly imaginative and charming, Lissy's Friends is a fresh take on the importance of friendship."
The only "folded friend" I have ever made was a frog.  Several of them, actually, and they would really "hop" when I slid my finger down -- and off -- their backs.  Folding origami is fun!  My rating:  9 of 10, an excellent book!

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