Monday, November 23, 2009

Question of the week ~ David Letterman

David Letterman, host of The Late Show, makes over $30 million per year, while the average schoolteacher makes less than $55,000. Is that just?  Answer yes or no, and then please tell us why.


June said...

Just? Yes. Right? No. Not sure what you mean by "just". Entertainers and athletes get what the market bears. It's just sad that that is what our society values. We have become a nation of hedonists and ostriches.

Anonymous said...

I would echo June. Everyone is valued by society and what does that say about teachers. I have always maintained they should be paid the most as they have the most important job on earth. They educate our future.fouings

Anonymous said...

David Letterman shouldn't make $2,000 a year. His morals are despicable, if not altogether lacking, and I find him incredibly rude and coarse. I wouldn't give him any time of mine...being of the persuasion that one should not cast pearls before swine.