Monday, June 11, 2007

Into the Lion's Den

See this lion? His name is Roary and he wants to be a literary lion. (Click on his photo to see Roary's markings up close. And when you do, notice the "dandy-lions" in the grass over to the right ... lol.) I adopted Roary from The Shameless Lions Writing Circle, created by Seamus Kearney at Shameless Words. Roary is one of the 48 lions that appeared in "The Lions Of Lyon" series on Seamus's blog.

I learned about this writing circle as I was reading Catherine's Still Standing on Her Head blog and immediately wanted to participate. When I went to the site, things looked dire, with nearly all of the lions already adopted. Then I spotted this fine fellow among the few not yet spoken for. Of course I knew straight away that he wanted a home on my blog. I named him Roary because of his deep, magnificent roar. Hey, he's proud of that roar!

Members of the circle have been asked for a piece of writing -- poetry or prose -- to celebrate their adopted lion. Here's mine, which is also on the sidebar.
I am lion, hear me roar
about things too big to ignore
'cause I'm tired of all the governmental lyin';
the whole world is going mad
and my writing's not too bad,
so I want to be a literary lion!

If I have to, I can write anything!
I am strong,
I am invincible,
I am lion!
This was my adoption application: "Please may I have #30, Seamus? I'm sure his name is Roary, and I've already written a 'poem' of sorts in his honor, posted on two of my blogs: Bonnie's Books and Words from a Wordsmith. I know my little ditty is not worthy of such a magnificent lion, but it just seemed appropriate when I studied the 'screaming' faces below his feet and felt the power of his roar. I've been enjoying him since I found him this morning, and I do so hope you'll let me adopt him."

Take a look at those faces below the lion's feet. They each resemble the person in the famous painting "The Scream" by Munch. What do you think? Does Roary need to roar for those 21 faces? Do they need his strength?


Anonymous said...

For sure Roary, roar for the people who don't roar loud enough for themselves, or give them roar elocution lessons.


Anonymous said...

Roar elocution lessons ... perfect! I think I'll march right over to MY blog (Literary Lion of Lyon) and post a sign offering to give ROAR ELOCUTION LESSONS. Thanks, Ghufran, this is a wonderful idea! You have inspired me.

Roary ^..^

Anonymous said...

Do you think they were meant to be paw prints? I saw a bird in the grass.

Bonnie Jacobs said...

Yes, there's a bird in the grass, very close to the lion actually. Hmmm, those look like paw prints to you? Verr-r-rry interesting, very. And what do you make of those lines and circles on Roary's fur?