Saturday, June 30, 2007

Rockin' Girl Bloggers

I’ve been tagged by Dewey as a Rockin’ Girl Blogger, and now I have to tag five more bloggers who rock. Here they are, in no particular order:

1. Colleen at Loose Leaf Notes rocks! Not only is she an excellent writer, but also a wonderful photographer. Colleen adopted the last available lion from The Shameless Lions Writing Circle, and I hope to get to know her even better in our new global community.

2. Nancy of Bookfoolery and Babble is another booklover. She photographs so many interesting things that she needs a couple of other blogs to post them all. I love to see where her Poppet goes next as she explores the world. Nancy, you rock!

3. Susan of Patchwork Reflections is a poet, photographer, thinker, writer, grandmother, nature lover. I'm finding more and more to like about her as we email back and forth and comment on each other's blogs. This lady rocks!

4. Lisa of Tales of a Psycho Mamma already knows she rocks because her 2-year-old recently told her, "You rock, dude." I joined Lisa's Something About Me challenge and also read her book blog, so I think I can say, "Rock on, Mamma!"

5. Karen of Verbatim is my final choice for Rockin' Girl Blogger. We both have impossible maiden names, we both like tag-less T-shirts, and her latest book review made me laugh. Karen, you rock, that's for dang-shootin'-sure. (Sorry ... lol.)

Dewey, I think YOU rock, but I can't tag you back. By the way, folks, Dewey gave me a gift: "Louis told me that the video below is Roary’s favorite song." So click on the hippo to hear "The Lion Sings Tonight."


Dewey said...

I've clicked all the rockin' girl bloggers you mentioned (the ones I don't already read, anyway) and will head over for a visit!

Bookfool said...

Oh, wow, that was unexpected. Thanks, Bonnie!

Karen said...

Wow, I'm honored! :-) I'll be sure to check out your other links too.

Susan Tidwell said...

Me rock? Who knew? Gee thanks!

I was anxiously awaiting you new Wordsmith blog (which I thought started today), and when I went there, I found that you have been having all sorts of pre-opening day fun!

Thanks again for the rockin' award, have a good day!

Lisa said...

wow, thanks!! i think you rock too, dude!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the shout out Bonnie! I'm rocking the beach vacation lifestyle right now. See you more when I get home.

Susan Helene Gottfried said...

Isn't it cool to be recognized as a Rockin' Blogger? I've gotten it twice now; talk about warm fuzzies.

congrats on joining the fold!