Wednesday, June 27, 2007

The Armchair Traveler

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I'm joining another challenge, this time one where I'll be traveling while sitting comfortably. This one runs from July 1 through December 31, six months to read six books that fall under the ‘armchair traveling’ theme, fiction or nonfiction as long as the location is an actual place you could visit. Books may be cross-posted to other challenges, but you cannot count any books read prior to July 1st.

My choices:
1. Beneath a Marble Sky ~ by John Shors ~ India
2. Her Fork in the Road: Women Celebrate Food and Travel ~ ed. by Lisa Bach ~ the world
3. Italian Neighbors: or A Lapsed Anglo-Saxon in Verona ~ by Tim Parks ~ Italy
4. Latitudes of Melt ~ by Joan Clark ~ Newfoundland
5. Place Last Seen ~ by Charlotte Freeman ~ Sierra Nevadas
6. Shadows on the Rocks ~ by Willa Cather ~ Quebec

7. Brazzaville Beach ~ by William Boyd ~ Republic of the Congo
8. Secret River ~ by Kate Grenville ~ Australia
9. With Their Backs to the World: Portraits of Serbia ~ by Asne Seierstad ~ Serbia


Anonymous said...

Thanks for joining, Bonnie! You've chosen some very interesting books, and one has already been added to my wishlist! (Latitudes of Melt - being a native Newfoundlander, I couldn't resist)

By the way, that quote at the top of your blog is one of my favorites.

Stephanie said...

You go girl!! Beneath a Marble Sky was fantastic!! I LOVED this book! I've having a hard time coming up with books for this challenge, and I don't know why!