Cady reading a decade ago
My rating system (and it's all totally subjective)
10 - Loved it!! Couldn't put it down!!
9 - Excellent!
8 - Very Good
7 - Good
6 - Above Average
5 - Average
Anything lower ~ Not my cuppa tea
* DNF ~ Did Not Finish
January favorite (#1)

1.  To Be Where You Are: A Mitford Novel ~ by Jan Karon, 2017, fiction (North Carolina), 8/10
"What is your hope,' said Paul, 'for any ministry you may undertake?"
"To help people love God so they can learn to love themselves and each other."
"Is that it?"
"Yessir.  Essentially."
Father Brad looked pleased, even paternal.  (p. 231).
2.  The Donkey's Dream ~ by Barbara Helen Berger, 1985, children's, 7/10
3.  Five Fortunes ~ by Beth Gutcheon, 1998, fiction, 7/10
"Carter and Rae, arm in arm in their sweat clothes, were singing 'Sisters ... Sisters ... Never were there such devoted sisters...'  Apart from the fact that Carter was eight inches taller and thirty years younger than Rae, they were quite convincing" (p. 68).
4.  Do One Thing Different: And Other Uncommonly Sensible Solutions to Life's Persistent Problems ~ by Bill O'Hanlon, 1999, psychology, 8/10
Summary of Solution Keys (from p. 198)
1.  Break problem patterns.
2.  Find and use solution patterns.
3.  Acknowledge your feelings and the past without letting them determine your actions in the present and the future.
4.  Shift your attention.
5.  Imagine a future that leads back to solutions in the present.
6.  Change problem stories into solution stories.
7.  Use spirituality to transcend or resolve problems.
8.  Use action talk to solve relationship problems.
9.  Perform a resolution ritual to resolve unfinished issues from the past.
10.  Develop stability and connective rituals to prevent problems and create connections.

5.  Lewis Grizzard on Fear of Flying ~ by Lewis Grizzard, illustrated by Mike Lester, 1989, humor, "not my cuppa tea"
"Avoid pouting pilots and mechanics named Bubba" (on the cover).
6.  The Bookshop on the Corner ~ by Jenny Colgan, 2016, fiction (Scotland), 6/10
"And as Nina looked around the little village in the sunshine, she couldn't help but notice something.  Everyone was reading.  People out in their gardens.  An old lady in her wheelchair by the war memorial.  A little girl absentmindedly swinging on the swings, her feet dangling, completely engrossed in What Katy did" (loc. 4145).
7.  News of the World ~ by Paulette Jiles, 2016, fiction (Texas), 7/10
(p. 113)  He felt Johanna tugging at his sleeve.  He looked down.
She held up one of the shotgun shells.
It was loaded with dimes.
He stared at the shell resting on Johanna's outstretched palm.
Then the Captain reached out for it even as another round smashed into the front of the stone in front of him.  He jumped but didn't duck.  He lay back and hefted the shell.  The dimes fit perfectly into the paper tube of a twenty-gauge hull.
Well, I'll be damned.
It was very heavy.  He looked at the cap.  She charged it with the powder charger.  He saw her work the thumb lever that gave out twenty grains at a time:  one, two, three, four, eighty grains of powder.  A heavy load for his old shotgun.  The Captain tossed the shell full of dimes up and down in his hand and smiled.
This is amazing, he said.  He laughed.  Ten years old and a wizard of field expedience.
8.  The Hidden Life of Trees: What They Feel, How They Communicate: Discoveries from a Secret World ~ by Peter Wohlleben, 2015, biology, 9/10
"And what if you cut a tree down?  Is it then dead?  What about the centuries-old stump I introduced you to at the beginning of this book that is still alive today, thanks to its comrades?  Is that a tree?  And, if it isn't, then what is it?  It gets even more complicated when a new trunk grows out of an old stump.  In many woods, this happens all the time" (p. 80).

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