Friday, August 3, 2018

Beginning ~ with wet cement

The Color of Water in July ~ by Nora Carroll, 2012, fiction (Michigan)
"There must be a precise moment when wet cement turns dry, when it no longer accepts footprints or scratched-in declarations of love; an ordinary moment, unnoticed, just like any. But in that moment, the facts of a life can change."
Umm, nope.  That beginning didn't grab me.  I had to keep reading before I decided to get the book for my Kindle.  The next couple of paragraphs told me Jess is thirty-three and "had not yet learned the art of going back."  A bit more interesting, but I kept reading and found out Jess has (for some reason) avoided telling Russ (her significant other, I guess?) that her grandmother died a month ago, much less that she inherited her grandmother's house in Michigan.  Here's a summary of the story:
It’s been a long seventeen years since Jess last saw her grandmother or visited the family cottage set on an idyllic lake in Northern Michigan.  For all that time, she’s been haunted by loss — of her innocence and her ability to trust and, most of all, of a profound summer romance that might have been something more.  So when her grandmother leaves the house to her, Jess summons her courage and returns to a place full of memories — and secrets.  There, she stumbles upon old letters and photographs of a time not so much forgotten as buried.  As she begins to unravel the hidden histories of her mother and her grandmother, she makes a startling discovery about a tragic death that prompted her family’s slow undoing.  With every uneven and painful step into the past, Jess comes closer to a truth that could alter her own path — and open a door to a different future.

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Roberta Gibson said...

I actually like the beginning. Pretty writing draws me in sometimes.

The premise also sounds interesting. Hope you enjoy it more as you keep reading.

Girl Who Reads said...

I get the feeling that this is a slow burn, but hopefully when you get to the end it is fully satisfying. See what we are featuring at Girl Who Reads.