Saturday, February 4, 2012

World Book Night ~ April 23, 2012

The folks who came up with the idea of World Book Night have a goal of getting 50,000 people to go out to places in their communities on the evening of Monday, April 23, 2012, to give a free paperback book to 20 strangers or (if they know them) people who aren’t frequent readers.  They have in mind places like a coffee shop or hospital, church or community center, an after-work party or train home, shopping mall or local school.  The paperbacks will be specially-produced, not-for-resale World Book Night U.S. editions, and there are 30 titles to choose from (I've shown them below).  That means a million free books in all.  A million!  Free!

You can register to be a giver by choosing three books (of the 30 show below) and telling them why you’d like to participate and where you are thinking of going to give out your books.  June at Caribousmom has already been chosen as a book giver, but it is not too late.  The deadline has been extended to Monday, Feb. 6 at midnight, and the more the merrier.  Let's do it!  I have read more than half of these books, but as of today, my top choice is Zeitoun (click the link to read my review).

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Helen's Book Blog said...

Such a fantastic list of books! I have registered to be a giver and chose Wintergirls, Kite Runner and Lucky. Fingers crossed that I get chosen!