Sunday, February 19, 2012

Sunday Salon ~ bookstore bounty


After lunch last Sunday, Donna and I went to the bookstore in sight of Applebee's door.  As a matter of fact, when she told me to pick a restaurant, I chose that one for its proximity to the bookstore.  After all, I'm a bookie, aren't I?  Bookie, bookaholic, book blogger, something like that, all of that.  Anyway, I rarely walk away with nothing, and that visit was about average.  Donna got five or six books, so I think I was entirely circumspect in going home with only two young adult novels.

Patience, Princess Catherine ~ by Carolyn Meyer, 2004, YA fiction (England)
Catherine of Aragon grew up expecting she would someday become the queen of England — not a dejected teenage widow.  But that is exactly what happens when fragile Prince Arthur, to whom she has been betrothed since the age of three, dies only months after their wedding.  Her power now obsolete, Catherine is exiled to a dank castle in a remote part of the country.  She is stranded there for years with little money and no control over her own fate.  The one ray of light in her lonely life is her friendship with handsome Prince Henry, her deceased husband's younger brother.  A marriage to Henry could elevate Catherine from her precarious position and give her the crown that she was once promised.  But will Henry take the risk of making the destitute princess his queen?
Mary, Bloody Mary ~ by Carolyn Meyer, 1999, YA fiction (England)
Mary Tudor is a beautiful young princess in a grand palace filled with servants.  She is accustomed to sparkling jewels, beautiful gowns, and lavish parties.  Then, suddenly, she is banished by her father, King Henry VIII, to live in a cold, lonely place without money, new clothes, or even her mother.  At first it seems like a terrible mistake.  Even when her father has a public and humiliating affair with a bewitching woman, Mary remains hopeful.  But when he abandons her mother, marries his mistress, and has a child with her, Mary begins to lose faith.  And now, dressed in rags, she is summoned back to the palace to be a serving maid to her new baby half sister.  Mary Tudor, daughter of Henry VIII, is a servant in her own home.  Believe it or not, it's all true.
I had checked out six books about Eleanor of Aquitaine, who married into the Plantagenet dynasty.  So these Tudor princesses, one the mother of the other, moved me on down the line of English royalty into a later century or two.  Although these books may be in my public library, buying them as remaindered books makes sense to me.


Just finished:  Defending Jacob ~ by William Landay, 2012, fiction (Massachusetts), 8/10

Currently reading:  American Gospel: God, the Founding Fathers, and the Making of a Nation ~ by Jon Meacham, 2006, politics and religion

Up next, or actually, also currently reading:  Ninety Minutes in Heaven: A True Story of Death and Life ~ by Don Piper, 2004, memoir

Totals for 201215 finished + 1 DNF (did not finish) + 9 reviews


Three years ago today, I had quadruple bypass surgery.  Talk about life-changing!  I was missing from the blogging scene for weeks, with only two possts between mid-December and mid-March.  I returned with a post I called "Ya gotta have heart."  Then no more posts for a couple of months.  Since I "started over," I consider this my new birthday.  That means I'm three years old today!

I actually had a first birthday party, which I dubbed my rebirthday, inviting my post-surgery support group to party with me.  We played games — well, only the pin-the-tail game shown here, which had special rules for the elderly, meaning (in this case) anyone over ten.  And for you youngsters who don't know, the ancient technology in this photo is called a record player — it plays vinyl records, which I still have in two heavy boxes.  The very first song on the first album picked by one of my friends that day was Carole King's "You've Got a Friend" from her Tapestry album — "Ain't it good to know that you've got a friend?"  How appropriate was that?

Raegan, my 2-year-old great-granddaughter, is very proud of her artwork.  Good job, Raegan!

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Sheila (Bookjourney) said...

I am so glad I was bringing you coffee this morning! Happy Birthday!!! Looks like you found some good books too!

Helen's Book Blog said...

Happy 3rd Re-Birthday! We really should celebrate every day, shouldn't we?!

You're on a British Queen kick, I hope the books are good. Have a great Sunday

Creations by Laurel-Rain Snow said...

I do have fond memories of records....and record players.

When I was packing up to move from the house where I lived for several years, I gave the records to my grown kids. I no longer had a record player, though. Wonder if they'll find one somewhere?

Raegan is adorable! And happy blog birthday!


Jan said...

Happy 3rd year Birthday! I am finding richness along with the difficulties in health rehab. I need to write about the gifts on my blog.

Marg said...

Happy re-birthday!