Monday, September 25, 2023

Every act of kindness makes a difference


I have these words hanging on a small plaque from the box beside my door.  I have been thinking of an act of kindness that's been nudging me for days now:  Clawdia is in kidney failure and losing weight.  She is much thinner now than in the photo below, with her ribs sticking out on each side, so I indulge her when she 
asks to get out of our apartment.  One day she wanted to go for a walk in the hall, so I made four loops to the end of our hallway and back, twice adding the elevator area to our trek.  I'd made a note of how many steps I'd already taken so far that day before we went out the door.  When I checked the number of steps after our walk, I was startled to see I had taken exactly 1,000.  Exactly!  The act of kindness I'm considering?  Euthanasia.
* FYI:  Clawdia died this afternoon, shortly after 3:30 pm.


Joy said...

I'm sorry that you lost Clawdia. That must be tough. I'll miss seeing her on your blog, too.

Bonnie Jacobs said...

Here's a link to an article about grieving a pet. I got tears in my eyes while reading it: