Tuesday, May 23, 2023

Two more stories

Defense Mech (in the Ray Bradbury Super Pack) ~ by Ray Bradbury, 2021, short SciFi story, 8/10

Opening lines:  Halloway stared down at Earth, and his brain tore loose and screamed, Man, man, how'd you get in a mess like this, in a rocket a million miles past the moon, shooting for Mars and danger and terror and maybe death.

Lorelei of the Red Mist ~ by Leigh Brackett with Ray Bradbury, 1946, SciFi romance

Opening lines:  Hugh Starke had died, he was absolutely certain of that.  He had not survived when his spaceship crashed as he desperately tried to escape the authorities after pulling off the greatest lone-wolf heist in history.  And then he awakened in a new body to find himself a powerful, rich man on a world of bizarre loveliness.  He was pleased by his good luck . . . until he discovered that his new body was hated by everyone on this strange and lovely planet, and that his soul was owned by Rann, devil-goddess of Falga, who was using him for her own gain.

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