Wednesday, May 19, 2021

Wednesday writing prompt ~ a novel idea

A novel idea

Click this link to a true story, which would make an interesting plot for a novel.  Let's come up with a title for a book where a woman discovers her son's bride is her long lost daughter.  Wow!  So here are some things we should include in the "plot" of our novel:

The reunion occurred right at the would-be spouses' wedding in Suzhou, Jiangsu province on March 31, according to Sohu News.  The shocking discovery was made after the woman noticed a birthmark on the bride's hand, which looked strikingly similar to that of her long-lost child.  Determined to uncover the truth, the woman mustered the courage to ask the bride's parents whether she was adopted.  After explaining her story and the identical birthmark, the bride's parents eventually confirmed that their child had been adopted.  Details were quickly ironed out and the bride confirmed that she was, indeed, the woman's long-lost biological daughter.  It turns out she went missing as a child and was picked up by her adoptive parents on the roadside some 20 years ago.

The wedding could have been called off at this point, but the woman also revealed that her son — her now-daughter's groom — was also adopted.  The wedding proceeded as planned, but the shocking twist is one detour their guests will never forget.  In photos that went viral on Chinese social media, the bride can be seen breaking down and hugging her long-lost mother tightly.  It's unknown how exactly the daughter went missing, but some are raising the possibility of human traffickers being the culprit.  It's not clear whether the woman's adopted son — now her son-in-law — will be searching for his own parents.

There you have a rough idea of some of the plot twists.  In my version of this story, the location would have to be the United States because it's what I know.  But think of the possibilities!
Feature Images via Sina News

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