Saturday, May 1, 2021

Meaningful May

The Meaningful May Calendar is from the folks at Action for Happiness, who say:
This month's theme is all about reflecting on what gives our life meaning.  Being a part of something bigger than ourselves and focusing on things that we value is key to our wellbeing.  So let's take time to reflect on what we care about this month and keep these things at the front of our minds as our societies begin to open up again.
May 1 ~ Make a list of what matters most to you and why.
May 2 ~ Do something kind for someone you really care about.
May 3 ~ Focus on what you can do rather than what you can't do.
May 4 ~ Take a step towards an important goal, however small.
May 5 ~ Send your friend a photo from a time you enjoyed together.
May 6 ~ Look for people doing good and reasons to be cheerful.
May 7 ~ Let someone know how much they mean to you and why.
May 8 ~ Set yourself a kindness mission to help others today.
May 9 ~ Notice the beauty in nature, even if you're stuck indoors.
May 10 ~ What values are important to you?  Find ways to use them today.
May 11 ~ Be grateful for the little things, even in difficult times.
May 12 ~ Listen to a favorite piece of music; remember what it means to you.
May 13 ~ Look around for things that bring you a sense of awe and wonder.
May 14 ~ Find out about the values or traditions of another culture.
May 15 ~ Do something to contribute to your local community.
May 16 ~ Look up at the sky.  Remember we are all part of something bigger.
May 17 ~ Show your gratitude to people who are helping to make things better.
May 18 ~ Find a way to make what you do today meaningful.
May 19 ~ Send a hand-written note to someone you care about.
May 20 ~ Reflect on what makes you feel valued and purposeful.
May 21 ~ Share photos of three things you find meaningful or memorable.
May 22 ~ Find a way to help a project or charity you care about.
May 23 ~ Share a quote you find inspiring to give others a boost.
May 24 ~ Recall three things you've done that you are proud of.
May 25 ~ Make choices that have a positive impact for others today.
May 26 ~ Ask someone else what matters most to them and why.
May 27 ~ Remember an event in your life that was really meaningful.
May 28 ~ Focus on how your actions make a difference for others.
May 29 ~ Do something special and revisit it in your memory tonight.
May 30 ~ Today do something to care for the natural world.
May 31 ~ Find three reasons to be hopeful about the future.

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