Wednesday, November 13, 2019

Do you consider these words obsolete?

I still use lots of these words.  To begin with, "shenanigans" is at the top of this blog!  And Clawdia, who's much younger than I am, used the word "caterwauling" a couple of years ago.  Bookfool regularly posts "Monday Malarkey" on her blog.  Nancy (the Bookfool) and I both wonder if this is a legit compilation of words, since we use so many of them ourselves.  It's originally from Vintage, Paint and More on Facebook, who wrote:
"This list of 'obsolete words' came up in my feed and I had to laugh.  Oh, so many of them come from my youth, and I still use a lot of them today.  How many of them have you used or still use?  Or are they words you've never heard?" [edited]
Some are words I've never seen, and at least one is not spelled correctly.  "Nucklehead" should be "knucklehead," which means "a stupid person" according to the online dictionary.  I've never heard "whosemegadget" or "skewwiff."  My nephew called his grandmother (my mother) "gallivanting granny" when she took him to visit relatives in another state.  Merriam-Webster spells "rigmarole" with another a:  "rigamarole," which is the way I say it.  The other spelling is also correct, apparently.  "Audacity" doesn't seem old at all, and I need "whatchamacallit" frequently, now that I'm getting old and forgetful.