Friday, August 17, 2018

Black Cat Appreciation Day

Here it is, 10:45 pm in St. Louis, and I only just now learned that today is Black Cat Appreciation Day.  Clawdia has definitely NOT been feeling appreciated today.  Although I left her with wet food in her dish and a bowl of dry food, she was "starved" when I got home from visiting with Donna at the hospital.  I promptly fed her the usual quarter of a can of Fancy Feast.  It was even salmon, her favorite.  She immediately snarfed it down, while I was putting it into her dish, and asked for more.  I gave her another quarter of the can, which she finished just as quickly, begging me to do it again.  I put down a THIRD quarter of the can, and she ate more than half of that!  No, people, I'm not starving this poor cat.  She actually has a pudgy little tummy, but she was really, really wanting more of her wet food this evening!

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Helen's Book Blog said...

I'm glad Clawdia got her appreciation (and her food). It's funny how some days they are so hungry and others not. I must have missed something because I didn't know Donna is in hospital. I hope she is doing okay/better!