Tuesday, July 24, 2018

Two cat toys ~ on TWOsday

Clawdia is loved ― and not just on Gotcha Day.  Her friend Tiny gave her a flying bird like this, along with five cans of Fancy Feast cat food:  salmon (Clawdia's favorite), chicken, whitefish and tuna, chicken in gravy, and tuna in gravy.

Barbara got her a laser light that's shaped like a mouse.  Clawdia chases it, pounces on it, and has learned to "hold it down" even though she can't feel it beneath her paws.  Keeping the strange mouse in place, Clawdia looks around in confusion, meowing as though she's asking, "Why can't I feel it?"

Last night, Tiny knocked on our door with two bowls of vanilla ice cream in her hands.  That's vanilla covered with chocolate syrup.  And she didn't know it was Vanilla Ice Cream Day.  How funny is that!

By the way, Clawdia is still wearing her little red collar.  She slept overnight in it and seems so relaxed about the whole thing that I've decided she must have worn a collar before I met her when she was approximately six years old.  I wonder if her previous collar had a bell on it.  This one does not, since she (being declawed) will never be an outdoor cat.

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