Sunday, December 31, 2017

Hygge Holiday Challenge ~ third update

Dec. 15 ~ make a new friend
This one was easy-peasy.  I found a new friend named Amy on Facebook and got to know her.  She lives in North Carolina, so I haven't met her face-to-face.  On a slow day, I also got to know Sue in the Circle@Crown Café and "friended" her on Facebook.  Two new friends!
Dec. 16 ~ treat yourself to an at-home spa day
Two quotes from Albie, who came up with this Hygge Challenge:  "keep calm and spa on" and "a cluttered space leads to a cluttered mind."  When I think of "spa," I think of a hot tub.  Or hot water in my bathtub at home.  So I filled my tub with warm water, lit a candle, and read a book while adding more hot water whenever it cooled off.  I also did a bit toward a less cluttered space by sorting another box or two of "stuff" I need to get rid of.  (Yay, me!)
Dec. 17 ~ enjoy some hot cocoa or tea
I had hot chocolate at the party for Crown Center volunteers.  I'm weird — I asked them to leave off the whipped cream.  (I volunteer as an "ambassador" for new residents, and I re-shelve books in our little library.)  Another time, I had tea with someone who couldn't understand why I let it cool, but I don't like tea to burn my tongue.
Dec. 18 ~ cook a new recipe with family
I live alone, unless you want to call Clawdia my family.  Her idea of food is "hurry up and open that can of salmon paté!"  New recipe?  Okay, the grocery store was out of one of her favorites in the Friskies brand, so I got her the Fancy Feast tender liver and chicken feast classic.  She gobbled it down.  Does that count as a new recipe?
Dec. 19 ~ get cozy and watch your fav movie
Now, see, this is the sort of thing that derails me.  Having to watch a movie is not hygge to me.  I'd rather read.  I prefer the movies in my mind as I read a good book.  Nope, not interested.  This month, I returned to the fictional Mitford with Jan Karon's Father Tim.
Dec. 20 ~ have a game night
Donna and I decided to play Scrabble and invited a couple of other residents of the Crown Center.  Not as "hygge" as we had expected, since the other two are SERIOUS about this game and don't waste time thinking about their next move.  Donna and I tend to laugh and talk and enjoy the game.
Dec. 21 ~ let in natural light
Every morning, Clawdia runs to watch me open the blinds and "let in natural light."  Mostly, she wants to see if that sunny white spot comes in so she can chase it.  Imagine this:  turning and turning my wrist so the spot "runs" across the floor and up the wall, with Clawdia turning on a dime to catch it.  Can you imagine such fun?
Dec. 22 ~ have a dance party
Only in my mind.  I do regularly get together with a friend or two and eat together.  Close enough for elderly women?
Dec. 23 ~ bake your fav holiday treat
I got all the ingredients to make "daisies" for friends, but still I procrastinated.  I never did get those daisies made and put inside tin gift boxes for a few friends living here at the Crown Center.  I taught Varvacille how to make a large Daisy three years ago.
Dec. 24 ~ pray, meditate, or just breathe
Probably none of these happened on the date chosen by Albie for us to do these things, but I can say that breathing in and out  in through the nose and out through the mouth  in through the nose and out through the mouth  happened consciously when I started exercising with Risé in the fitness center.
Dec. 25 ~ It's Christmas!  Give yourself a break!
Done!  I was supposed to take Barbara out to eat that day, but her back pain scotched that.  Today, we had lunch together at her table at home.  Whenever she feels up to it, we'll go out to eat.
The challenge
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Update 1-2-18:  There's a different Hygge Challenge found by Barbara, my friend who wasn't up to eating out on Christmas Day.  Click the link to watch the video.


Helen's Book Blog said...

I am also not a fan of whipped cream on my hot chocolate :-) I like this list of things to do as they are relaxing and fairly easy to accomplish.

Bonnie Jacobs said...

Yes, easy and relaxing because the whole purpose is to get cozy and relax and enjoy life.