Sunday, October 23, 2016

Sunday Salon ~ book sale

1.  Morality for Beautiful Girls ~ by Alexander McCall Smith, 2001, fiction (Botswana)

2.  The Double Bind ~ by Chris Bohjalian, 2007, fiction (Vermont)

3.  Around the World with Mrs. Pollifax ~ has three books in one:
  • The Amazing Mrs. Pollifax ~ by Dorothy Gilman, 1970, fiction (Istanbul, Turkey)
  • Mrs. Pollifax on Safari ~ by Dorothy Gilman, 1977, fiction (Rhodesia)
  • Mrs. Pollifax and the Golden Triangle ~ by Dorothy Gilman, 1988, fiction (Thailand)
4.  The Day the Sun Stood Still ~ has three original novellas in one book:
  • A Chapter of Revelation ~ by Poul Anderson, 1972, science fiction
  • Thomas the Proclaimer ~ by Robert Silverberg, 1972, science fiction
  • Things Which Are Caesar's ~ by Gordon R. Dickson, 1972, science fiction
5.  Hidden in Plain View: A Secret Story of Quilts and the Underground Railroad ~ by Jacqueline L. Tobin and Raymond G. Dobard, 1999, history.  (Historian Giles Wright considers this book's theory to be "nonsense.")

6.  Bill of Wrongs: The Executive Branch's Assault on America's Fundamental Rights ~ by Molly Ivins and Lou Dubose, 2008, social science

7.  Stress: The Good and the Bad ~ by Paula Ceccaldi, Agnes Diricq, and Clementine Bagieu, 2001, health

8.  The World Is Flat: A Brief History of the Twenty-First Century ~ by Thomas L. Friedman, 2006 (expanded edition), social science
I bought eight books today at a tent sale outside Half Price Books.  Half are fiction, and half are nonfiction.  Hmm, since two of the books of fiction contain three stories each, I actually got an even dozen.  How do you like my math?

Bloggers gather in the Sunday Salon — at separate computers in different time zones — to talk about our lives and our reading.

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