Saturday, October 29, 2016

Clawdia ~ pondering the inexplicable reflections

Clawdia's fascination with reflections, lights, and shadows is quite pronounced.  Here she is studying another pattern on the wall.  What do you suppose she made of those strange "signs" in front of her?  The tall row is from the holes in the blinds for the cord that opens and closes them, and the bright rectangle is from sun shining between the pair of blinds on the two windows.  I have no idea why there's a curved light beside it.

Recently she was also fascinated by me.  Yes, ME.  Clawdia was on the far side of our living room as I glanced at her through the opening from the kitchen.  She was staring at me and bobbing her head up and down and side to side, studying me as though she'd never seen me before.  Puzzled, I went to look at myself in the mirror, and my hair was sticking up and out, but mostly UP.  It must have looked to her like I had horns.

By the way, I've heard that today is Cat Day.  Very appropriate, I think, that it's on Caturday.

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