Saturday, October 15, 2016

Caturday ~ Clawdia's curiosity

Clawdia has an abiding fascination for reflections, shadows, and the little red dot of a laser pointer.  In this photo, she's staring at the reflection bouncing on the ceiling from the glass tabletop she's sitting on.  She avidly studies these strange lights, chattering to let me know she's spotted yet another one on the wall or floor or ceiling.

When I pick up her laser pointer, she knows that she'll get to chase that "red bug" around the room and jumps down to the floor to get ready to pounce on it.  The really odd thing, though, is that no matter how hard she smacks it or how she covers it with her paws, it always ... always ... always ... gets away.  Very strange.

This time, she knows for a fact that she got the white bug!  Nope, not quite.  But how?  How did it escape her paws?  Very perplexing, that white reflection from the face of my watch.

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Helen's Book Blog said...

I love that the laser pointer is such a hit! My dog just doesn't chase things like that though once a day he races around the garden like a crazy man, digging, running, digging, and running :-)