Saturday, March 23, 2013

Cats making trouble ~ on Caturday

Some kitties just like to make trouble.  For your viewing enjoyment, here are a few of them in action.  (Thanks, Carla.)

When Kiki first came to live with me, at thirteen months old, she quickly learned that those piles of papers on my desk were somehow important to me.  To get my attention or to wake me up — my desk was in my bedroom, next to my bed — all it took was swiping a stack of papers into the floor.  I'd wake up to see Kiki's eyes watching the last of the papers fluttering downward.

When she figured out that I was more likely to spend the next few minutes picking up papers, rather than running to the kitchen to feed her, she found other ways to get my attention.

Kiki learned to talk to me, slowly teaching me the difference between "mew" and "meow."  She actually modulated her words to make them sound a lot like human speech.  "MEOW-mew" sounded enough like "OUT-side" to me, especially when she was sitting beside the kitchen door to the garage, that I would open that door and allow her to go out.  It worked for us.

If this naughty cats video quits working here, view it on YouTube.

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Ginnie said...

Wow, Bonnie, I had just posted my latest blog when your comment on it came through. The "dull old lady" was a bit tongue-in-cheek although I do feel a bit out of the loop sometimes.
As to your cat getting your attention ... that is so funny, My daughter has a very small dog that loves to jump into my lap if I'm reading and she butts the book away from my hand because I am not paying enough attention to her !!