Monday, October 31, 2016


"Exercise and eat right" is my latest mantra, and this photo is the image I hold in my mind. The DASH diet is about food and exercise, but there's a component that may surprise some of you:  meditation and mindfulness.  From the DASH Diet for Dummies book:

Practice mindfulness (pp.220-221)
  • Take a deep breath ~ to lower stress
  • Be more compassionate ~ to self as well as others
  • Plan your day ~ make a to-do list
  • Focus on the positive
Meditate (p. 224)
  • Meditation involves mindfulness and reduces anxiety, pain, stress, insomnia, and depression.  Learn how to enjoy "just being" instead of constantly "doing."
Exercise (pp. 222-223)
I spent an hour exercising this morning, using the suggestions in my Living a Healthy Life with Chronic Conditions book (pp. 103-124).  Unlike the classes I've been attending here at the Crown Center, this book includes floor exercises.  Clawdia was curious about my being on the floor, and I had to keep shooing her out of my way.  I've decided to alternate exercising (MWF) and meditating (TThS).


Joy said...

I like floor exercises for the simple reason that it proves that I can get down on the floor and back up (there were a few years when that wasn't true).

Vicki said...

I've thought about doing the Dash diet. I think it would suit me. I do floor exercises too.

Carol said...

My dog can be such a pain when I'm exercising. And when he's not annoying me, he's laying on the end of my mat.