Thursday, February 5, 2015

Two bags full

One of the things I like about the Crown Center, where I live, is the trips we take on the van.  Since I'm new to St. Louis, it's a good way to learn about what's going on around town.  On Monday, half a dozen of us went to the JCC used book sale at the Jewish Community Center.  I came home with two bags full of books.

  1. What She Left Behind ~ by Ellen Marie Wiseman, 2014, fiction (New York)
  2. The Reconstructionist ~ by Josephine Hart, 2001, fiction
  3. The Many Lives and Secret Sorrows of Josephine B. ~ by Sandra Gulland, 1995, fiction (Dominican Republic, France)
  4. Anil's Ghost ~ by Michael Ondaatje, 2000, fiction (Sri Lanka)
  5. The Breakdown Lane ~ by Jacquelyn Mitchard, 2005, fiction
  6. Quartet in Autumn ~ by Barbara Pym, 1977, fiction
  1. The Virtues of Aging ~ by Jimmy Carter, 1998, contemporary thought
  2. Words That Hurt, Words that Heal: How to Choose Words Wisely and Well ~ by Joseph Telushkin, 1996, philosophy
  3. Don't Sweat the Small Stuff ... and it's all small stuff: Simple Ways to Keep the Little Things from Taking Over Your Life ~ by Richard Carlson, 1997, psychology
  1. God Is Red: A Native View of Religion (The Classic Work Updated) ~ by Vine Deloria, Jr., 1994
  2. Why Is God Laughing? : The Path to Joy and Spiritual Optimism ~ by Deepak Chopra, 2008
  3. What Everyone Needs to Know About Islam ~ by John L. Esposito, 2002
  4. A Jew Among the Evangelicals: A Guide for the Perplexed ~ by Mark I. Pinsky, 2006
  5. One God: Peoples of the Book ~ edited by Edith S. Engel and Henry W. Engel, 1990
  6. Religion for Dummies ~ by Marc Gellman and Thomas Hartman, 2002
  7. Gates of Prayer: The New Union Prayerbook ~ by Central Conference of American Rabbis, 1975 (5735)

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