Saturday, June 8, 2013

Kiki's book notes ~ what a find!

Regular readers may know that I've been clutter busting my home as I read through the book of the same name.  In rearranging my bedroom, I found something really exciting at least to me.  Under the pale green chair where Kiki used to hide and sleep, I found a treasure trove of her book notes!  Some of you who are really old-timers know Kiki would usually post her opinions on Caturday (you know, that day that follows Friday).  For example, her favorite book was My Cat, the Silliest Cat in the World by Gilles Bachelet, a 2006 children's picture book Kiki reviewed a couple of years ago (click the title, if you want to read her review).

That find got me to thinking.  Maybe Kiki stashed book notes in some of her other favorite places.  I looked under my bed (well, she'd say it was really OUR bed, since she usually slept with me every night), and I found another messy pile of papers.  More of Kiki's notes.  I'm beginning to think she was as bad as I am about accumulating clutter.

Kiki especially enjoyed hanging out at her end of the bedroom closet.  I folded a soft blanket and put it there for her, and she used it regularly.  Especially if she heard thunder and lightning.  Here's a photo of Kiki in the closet — rather dark, back in that corner, but I think you can see her well enough.  I snapped this picture on a day of thunder and rain.  She later used the photo herself when she wrote a Caturday post about snow, saying, "I didn't go outside like Simon's Cat.  It's warmer at the end of my closet.  Kiki Cat, signing off."

I found more of Kiki's book notes in the closet.  There may be other scraps of paper I haven't found yet, like in old shoes or pushed under something on the floor.  I'll keep looking.  In other parts of the house, I found more notes behind the sofa and behind books on a lower shelf.  Do you know what this means?  I may find even more of Kiki's notes as I move furniture around or look behind books on other low shelves.  She complained on this blog about not being able to reach the higher shelves.

I think I'll go read another book, if there's anything good on the lower shelves.  Maybe I should ask Bonnie for a recommendation, since she's tall enough to reach books on the higher shelves.

Kiki Cat, signing off

I'm excited about finding these notes, though Kiki's scritchy scribbles are a bit hard to decipher.  In other words, I'm not likely to try posting her thoughts more often than once a week.  On Caturdays, for instance.  It's nice to know that Kiki's book reviewing days are not over yet.  Why do you suppose these papers are coming to light now?   Today, June 8th, is the first anniversary of her unexpected death.  Rest in peace, dear kitty friend.


Helen's Book Blog said...

The photo of the chair made me think about the patio furniture I am thinking of getting. For some reason the decision overwhelms me, probably because it is such a big purchase :-) I know this is off topic, but your photo got my brain going!

Bonnie Jacobs said...

Not at all off topic, if it's something that interests you and was sparked by something posted here. This chair, which I found online (since I haven't figured out how to send pictures from my new phone to my computer), doesn't look quite like the fabric on my older plush chair, but very close. Kiki had used it to sharpen her claws, which is why it's in my bedroom. Because it's a very comfortable chair, I've purchased a slipcover for it, though I haven't yet tried to put it on -- not until I finish rearranging my bedroom.

Emily said...

So glad you found them because obviously she wanted you to have them. Like all of us creative types she had 'stashes of ideas she was working on', not ordinary clutter!

Bonnie Jacobs said...

Thank you, Emily. Of course, that's what it was -- not clutter, but stashes of ideas she was working on. I did notice that I'll have to make complete sentences of her notes, so she wasn't really finished with them.