Monday, February 22, 2010

Thunder and rain

Last night's rain had John Coniglio writing on Facebook in his own inimitable way, "is that a thunderstorm i hear??  it's Feb, 4 cryin' out loud. who hires these weatherpeople...."  On my home front, the rumbling rain sent Kiki dashing under my bed.  When the noise abated a bit, she jumped up on the bed and then on top of me, with a look on her face that clearly said, "I'm here to protect you, but first hug me so I won't be frightened."  Pretty soon, she laid her head on her paws and went to sleep.  Since she was on my chest while wrapped in a hug, it was rather difficult for me to continue reading my book, so I just held her.  The only time she raised her head for the next 63 minutes was when thunder sounded off in the distance and she needed to look fearfully at the window which produced those offending sounds.  This morning the sky is overcast but bright, and Kiki is napping in her usual place -- at one end of my dark closet.  (Well, she WAS napping until I tried to capture the moment.  She's wondering what I'm doing down on the floor with my cellphone pointed at her.)

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