Thursday, June 6, 2013

Catching up ~ busy week

Caturday's post ~ Cool cat ~ was written early and scheduled, but somehow I failed to press "publish."  So it didn't show up on Saturday.  It was Monday before I noticed it and clicked "publish," but you may not have seen it.  Why?  Because it did (finally) get posted on Saturday, two days earlier.

Sunday's post ~ Sunday Salon ~ did not get posted on time because it wasn't finished.  I was at church a couple of hours that morning and taught my regular Sunday afternoon Disciple Bible study class.  I was tired, so my Sunday Salon didn't get posted at all.  Okay, I'll skip a week.

Monday's post ~ Monday Mindfulness ~ wasn't written on time because I drove my friend Donna to Vanderbilt Medical Center in Nashville for a doctor's appointment.  We ended up staying overnight at a motel because she's still healing from knee replacement surgery and her leg stiffens up after sitting a long time.  That means she definitely did not need to drive another two-and-a-half hours home to Chattanooga.  Neither of us had taken a laptop, so Tuesday was traveling, then Wednesday arrived, followed by Thursday, and I have just today posted what I had intended for Monday.  (Did you follow all that?)

Tuesday's post ~ South Beach Diet ~ while we were driving home from Nashville, Donna read bits and pieces of this book to me.  Click the link to read what I plan to do.  This one, though showing Tuesday's date, was also posted today.

Wednesday's post ~ Workout ~ I need to exercise more, doctor's orders.  Walking and swimming (pool's open for the summer) are recommended, but the office sent out a notice that yoga will be offered every thursday at the clubhouse.  I signed up.

Thursday's post ~ Booking Through Thursday ~ was actually posted on Thursday!  Hurray, I'm about to be all caught up.  Imagine, posting about books on a book blog!

Thursday extra ~ Catching up (this post) ~ is my way of trying to catch up with (almost) all I wanted to publish in the last few days.  Does anyone else have weeks like this?  And it's still Thursday.

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