Saturday, March 9, 2013

For all you church goers ~ "Time Change Song"

(click to enlarge)
I sent this to my Sunday school class and to Braxton Cotton, the pastor at my church, who wrote back to me:  "Are you prepared to lead us in singing this Sunday?"  Sure, I'm perfectly willing to act foolish, if anyone can stand to listen to me.  At least it's a well-known tune.


Debra said...

Awesome! I saw this song posted on FaceBook. Love it! And, I love that you are going to lead it on Sunday (or that you're at least entertaining the idea!). I didn't realize that you were at St. Luke's. Braxton is great! So, are you going to record and post the song tomorrow?!?! Is Braxton going to play it on guitar? ☺

Bonnie Jacobs said...

Debra, I think Braxton's tongue was firmly planted in his cheek when he sent that email.