Saturday, October 2, 2010

Caturday ~ hide and seek

Sorry for running late today.  Bonnie's been fall cleaning, and that means I had to hide from the noisy vacuum cleaner under the big chair in the living room.

But never fear!  I've found a good part to share from the book about Dewey, the library cat.  Here's a picture of Dewey with Vicki Myron, who wrote the book -- and these words I found on pages 104 and 105:
Every night, he sat on top of the computer screen as I worked, lazily swiping his tail back and forth.  When I hit a wall, either from writer's block, fatigue, or stress, he jumped down into my lap or onto the keyboard.  No more, he told me.  Let's play.  Dewey had an amazing sense of timing.

"All right, Dewey," I told him.  "You go first."

Dewey's game was hide-and-seek, so as soon as I gave the word he would take off around the corner into the main part of the library.  Half the time I immediately spotted the back half of a long-haired orange cat.  For Dewey, hiding meant sticking your head in a bookshelf; he seemed to forget he had a tail.
We don't forget our tails!  How silly!  Dewey was trying to be helpful.  People don't see as well as cats, you know.  Anyway, there's more at the top of the next page:
"I wonder where Dewey is," I said out loud as I snuck up on him.  "Boo!" I yelled when I got within a few feet, sending Dewey running.
Sometimes Vicki couldn't find Dewey, but he always found her.  Cats are smart, you see, and Dewey would watch where she went -- and even follow her, if he needed to.  So he always won this game.

Bonnie has never played hide and seek with me.  On the other hand, she seems to know all my best hiding places, like under the big chair, under the bed, and at the end of her closet -- where she even put a fluffy soft thing for me to sleep on.  Oh, well, I guess I'll keep Bonnie anyway.  She's pretty good about feeding me.

Signing off,
Kiki Cat


raidergirl3 said...

That picture on the cover of Dewey is so adorable!

Last year my then 8 year old daughter was fascinated by the cover, and so she read the book. I believe she skipped around and just read the Dewey sections, but I was still impressed.

Bookfool said...

It's nice to see a picture of the author with Dewey. I'm reading a follow-up book, Dewey's Nine Lives, and enjoying it!