Thursday, December 20, 2012

Nightmare Mountain ~ by Peg Kehret

Nightmare Mountain ~ by Peg Kehret, 1989, YA fiction (Washington), 9/10
As soon as Molly arrives at her aunt and uncle's ranch in rural Washington, things start to go very wrong.  Her cousin hates her on sight.  Her aunt falls into a mysterious coma.  Then, left alone on the huge property, Molly and her cousin discover an intruder lurking in the barn.  Armed and desperate, he drags them to the top of a nearby mountain and triggers an avalanche with a gunshot.  Can they make it down the mountain alive?
When Anthony came to hekp me the other day, he mentioned the many books in my house.  So I asked him what he likes to read.  He said, "Thrillers."  So I asked my roommate Donna to be on the lookout for any YA (young adult) thrillers we may have around here.  She found this one, where these two cousins survive not only an intruder, but also an avalanche.  If Anthony hasn't read it, this is now his book.  Thanks again, Anthony!  Maybe you and I could discuss this book during your break from school.  I think it's an excellent story and rate it 9 out of 10.

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