Friday, December 7, 2012

Left-handed report on my life

inside the ambulance
inside the ER
Views from inside the ambulance and from inside the emergency room.  The EMTs thought I was crazy, taking pictures, which is of course absolutely true.  But it took my mind off the pain.  Short version:  I fell on my way into the restaurant to meet my friend Jane.  I was hurrying, wasn't careful enough, tripped on the curb, and dived lip first onto the pavement.  I have no idea how my upper lip made contact, yet my nose didn't.  Both hands and both knees were badly gashed and bloody, but worst was my right elbow, which took the brunt of the fall, jamming the humerus (upper arm bone) upward into my shoulder.  I couldn't turn my wrist and was sure I had broken my shoulder, but it's the arm bone, just below the knob at the shoulder.  Tomorrow -- well, actually that's today since I haven't slept much here in my recliner all night -- I have to see an orthopedic surgeon.

Jane followed the ambulance to the nearby hospital and called my son, who notified his sisters.  My daughter Sandra showed up at the hospital within minutes of getting the phone call.  She had been shoppimg across the street from the restaurant and watched the ambulance depart, not knowing her mom was in it until her brother called.  My kids got me home, picked up the prescription pain medications, fetched my car from the restautant parking lot (I won't be driving it for awhile, without the use of my right hand), and took turns staying with me as they took care of everything for me.  Sandra cancelled all she was scheduled to do tomorrow -- I mean, today -- and spent the night with me.  She and my friend Donna will get me to the doctor in an hour or so.  I hope the techs got enough x-rays last night and don't have to jostle my shoulder any more.

Although Jane stayed with me in spite of never getting to eat supper, she had already sent off an email to our friends before I got home.  What would I do without such wonderful friends and family?

Kendall, exactly a year ago, on 12-10-11
By the way, the EMT who was inserting an IV line while I photogtaphed his partner above knows my grandson Kendall.  They went through fire fighter training together.  Because the nearest ambulance was out on a call, the Dallas Bay Volunteer EMTs were sent for me.  Notice the name on the fire truck behind my grandson, here and when I wrote about him last year.


Susan Tidwell said...

Oh no! I am sorry about your accident and especially about your pain. I am grateful you have lots of friends and family to help out. Love the ambulance pictures, and if you typed all of this left-handed, I am very impressed! Get better soon, thinking of you!

Anonymous said...

Keep us updated. Hope it is an easy fix. Sorry to hear about your fall.

Helen's Book Blog said...

Oh no! I hope the work at the hospital went alright today and that you are out of pain. What a drag not to be able to drive, but how wonderful that you have family and friends that are so close and helpful!

Shirley said...

That is horrible. I hope that the repair goes smoothly and that you have a full and complete recovery. I know how miserable falls can be, but I haven't taken as major of a fall as you did.

When I first started reading the story of what happened, I thought of your grandson.

That was weird that your daughter saw the ambulance take you away not knowing it was you.

I am glad that you have family and friends to help look after you while you recover.

Beth said...

Oh no, Bonnie! Just now reading this---so sorry about your fall. I do hope by now the orthopedic surgeon has fixed you up, and you aren't in too much pain. Sending healing thoughts and prayers your way...

caboose said...

Hi Bonnie,
So sorry to hear about your fall. I hope by now you are home and resting.
Hugs and blessing

createjoy said...

OHH Bonnie,

I pray you heel well. You are blessed to have so many friends and family members who love helping and caring for you.

Happy Holiday,


alisonwonderland said...

Oh, Bonnie! I'm hurting just reading about your ordeal. What a blessing to have good friends and family!

I do think you're crazy to document the experience with photos! :)

I'll be praying for your full and speedy recovery.

Bonnie Jacobs said...

Thanks, Madge and Alison. Of course I'm crazy, but I thought you already knew that.
: )

Ginnie said...

I can't believe you took pictures. You will be in my thoughts for a speedy recovery ... and I'll bet you find a way to record it all even if you're all splinted up.

Debra said...

YIKES! I hope you will understand this..... I had to chuckle as I read this... Not only did you take pictures of your adventure, but your daughter (ironically) saw the ambulance that you were in... unknowingly. I'm also impressed that you were able to type all this one-handed... and if you were on any kind of pain medication, another HUGE WOW and kudos!! Because it is well written for pain and/or pain meds.... and lack of sleep. Praying for your continued recovery!!