Monday, November 28, 2011

Staying inside today, to read

I think this is reason enough to snuggle under a quilt and read. We've had lots of rain -- can you tell? The creek is way over yonder beyond the tree line, and the water closer to me is usually a low-lying field.

View from my bedroom window.  And it's still raining.

View to the left, from our apartment building.

View to the right, with the bird feeder outside Donna's bedroom window.

Taken from directly outside my bedroom window. It's actually about eight to ten feet down to today's water level.  The rain is supposed to change to snow tonight, but "no significant accumulations."

This shows how far above the water we are, so I don't think we'll get wet.  But it's a lot of water!

Donna came out to take photos, too.  That's her bedroom window on the right, with my room behind the large bush, where the building juts out.  When I was at the mailboxes this afternoon, I ran into one of the staff members here, who made me laugh when she said, "You have lakefront housing without having to pay lakefront prices."  Of course, it's also our own little (temporary) lake.


Helen's Book Blog said...

That is a heck of a lot of water! I hope it stops raining soon for you, but how nice to know you've got books and a warm blanket to keep you happy!

Anonymous said...

Not for the first time, I wish we could average our weather conditions; we're still in a 100-year drought in most of Texas and they're saying literally millions of trees are dying in Houston alone. :(