Saturday, May 8, 2010

Once upon a birthday...

Arline, Bonnie, Sharon, Pansy, and Donna (left to right) -- the five Plums of the Plum Crazy Red Hat Mamas -- got together for lunch at the Olive Garden today to celebrate Donna's birthday.  Arline is the odd one out, as the other four of us were born in a year ending in zero.  Our ages are (left to right) 72, 70, 60 (in July), 80, and 60 today. 


June said...

Looking pretty darn good!

Beth said...

You five Plums look great, Bonnie! But where is your Red Hat?:-)

I hope I age as well as the five of you!

Helen's Book Blog said...

As soon as I saw the photo I thought, "red hat society". Looks like a fun lunch!

Bonnie Jacobs said...

Beth, look closely. I am actually wearing THREE hats, but they are on my tee-shirt. The three ladies are all wearing purple clothing and red hats. Below them are the words:

When My Friends & I Are Old,
We Shall Wear Purple

Donna is also wearing an appropriate tee-shirt, but I can't remember exactly what hers says. Something about a tea party, I think. We left our hats at home, as did Pansy.

The Plum Crazies numbered at least 15 or 16 a few years ago. Arline and Sharon joined other Red Hat Groups when ours got down to five and folded (officially, anyway), sometime around 2007. But we five Plums still meet several times a year, like for birthdays and just to keep up with each other.