Friday, February 19, 2010

Super-duper RE-birthday party

Today is the first anniversary of my quadruple bypass surgery.  I decided it was a perfect occasion to party with the friends who took care of me (and my cat) while I was recovering, so I sent out invitations to my RE-birthday party.  Here I am holding the cake Donna brought for the occasion.  See the giant candle shaped like a ONE?

And here are the women of "Bonnie's Support Group."  From left to right they are Emily, Ginnie, Ellen, Donna, and Joanne.  They are holding "awards" for various things they did for me last year, like feeding me, "babysitting" me, taking me into her home for eleven days, bringing me things I needed, and so forth.  You may notice that Donna has TWO awards -- that's because she got one from me and one from my cat Kiki, who said, "Feline's Favorite Friend Award of Excellence ... for feeding me and giving me treats when Bonnie left me all alone for over two whole weeks."  Now we know what's really important, huh?  Food, food, and more food.  May this group of friends give you food for thought, as you remember good things YOUR friends have done for you.


Anonymous said...

Happy rebirth. Years of good health to you. Great caring friends are the best!

Helen's Book Blog said...

A huge happy re-birth! That must feel so good to have a supportive and wonderful group of friends.