Sunday, September 9, 2018

DASH Diet books ~ and two study groups

Hey, there are DASH Diet forms available online for use with Marla Heller's books:
  • The DASH Diet Younger You (2014)
  • The Everyday DASH Diet Cookbook (2013)
  • The DASH Diet Weight Loss Solution (2012)
  • The DASH Diet Action Plan (2007)
The New DASH Diet support group on Facebook shared this information today.  Click the top link to find the forms or the link in this sentence, if you are interested in joining the support group, which uses the "gold book" shown here.

Two Books, Two Study Groups

A Gospel of Hope ~ by Walter Bruggemann, 2018.  This is the book we'll use in the Tuesday Evening Dialogue group, starting day after tomorrow.
Brueggemann offers penetrating insights on Scripture and prophetic diagnoses of our culture.  Instead of maintaining what is safe and routine, he encourages readers to embrace the audacity required to live out one's faith.  This volume gathers his wisdom on topics ranging from abundance and anxiety to partisanship and the role of faith in public life.
Days of Awe and Wonder: How to Be a Christian in the Twenty-first Century ~ by Marcus Borg, 2017.  The copies we ordered should arrive on Tuesday, which means we'll probably start our discussion next week.
Borg helped shape an enlightened view of Christianity with a new way of seeing and living an authentic life.  Two years after his death, we have an anthology of his explorations of the miraculous and wonderful, his understanding of conviction and fulfillment, and his contention that we must keep an open mind and question assumptions in all our religious journeys.
 L'Shanah Tovah!  Wishing all my Jewish friends a sweet new year, as 5779 begins on this Rosh Hashanah.

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