Monday, February 6, 2017

Clawdia the refugee

Refugees are very much in the news lately, so this post about refugees in Bowling Green is very timely.  While I was reading it, Clawdia jumped up beside me, and it occurred to me that she is also a refugee, in a sense.
  • Before she came to live with me, Clawdia had been living with someone else.
  • She was in a "refuge camp" when I met her.  (Okay, it was a cat rescue shelter.)
  • She did agree to come with me, but what were her options for getting out of that cage?
  • Clawdia had to figure out a new language (mine) as she learned to trust me.
And now she basically has only me for the rest of her life, unless I help her get to know other people around us.  Her friends include Donna and Tiny and Tomoko and Sharon who pets her and several others who talk to her and smile at her.

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Helen's Book Blog said...

I love the idea of our rescue pets being refugees. Charlie has definitely had to learn a new way of life since we took him in 8 years ago.