Thursday, December 24, 2015

Clawdia ~ being insistent

Clawdia knows how to be insistent without saying a word.  When I got back from Christmas Eve dinner, Clawdia ran out into the hall to let me know it was her turn to go out.  We usually walk to the elevators so she can look around after others in our "senior living" facility are no longer apt to be coming and going, so I told her, "Wait until I put this stuff down."  She waited.  After I closed our door — the one on the right, beside the exit to the stairs — we walked all of maybe ten or twelve feet before she sat down at our neighbor's door, wanting to visit.  She knows she's always offered kitty treats when we visit there, so Clawdia refused to continue our stroll down the hall.  Can you "hear" her attitude telling me to knock on the door?  Finally, I shooed her back home and into our own apartment.  My gregarious fur buddy was not amused.

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