Sunday, February 15, 2015

Winifred Tiger Comes to Stay

I've chosen an excellent name for my new tiger, given to me on Valentines Day by my BFF.  If I name her Winifred, I could call her Winnie or maybe Freddie.  I found this online:
Winifred is a feminine given name from the Anglo-Saxon Wine ("friend") and Frith ("peace[ful]").
Winifred, the name of a legendary Welsh saint, was a Top 200 name into the mid-1920's.  I came up with several examples.  Winifred was the heroine of Tuck Everlasting.  One of my English teachers in junior high school was named Winifred.

Wikipedia tells me that Winifred Sanderson was portrayed by Bette Midler in "Hocus Pocus" (a 1993 film).

In Mary Poppins, Winifred Banks was the children's mother, the one who went out marching with the suffragettes for women's rights.  I love that she sings "Sister Suffragette."

If this video quits working, view Winifred singing on YouTube.

And my Winifred Tiger has reddish hair (fur), as do these others.  And she has a big red nose to boot.  Yep, that's her name.  She's Winifred, Winifred Tiger.

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