Friday, April 4, 2014

Beginning ~ after sleeping for a year

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Lost Lake ~ by Sarah Addison Allen, 2014, fiction (Georgia)
"Wake up, Kate!"
And, exactly one year to the day that she fell asleep, Kate finally did.
Thus begins chapter one of this novel of enchantment.  The quote I like best so far is near the beginning of Part 2, on page 151:
"I knew it!" Bulahdeen said with a cackle.  She slapped the table's surface with the palm of her hand, making the silverware jump.  "Just when you think you know the ending, it changes. ... I taught literature for nearly forty years.  The books I read when I was twenty completely changed when I read them when I was sixty.  You know why?  Because the endings changed.  After you finish a book, the story still goes on in your mind.  You can never change the beginning.  But you can always change the end.  That's what's happening here."
Is it?  That's as far as I've read.  Do books change when we read them again?  Is the ending different when we are at different stages in our lives?  Wouldn't that mean that WE have changed, rather than the book's ending?  This is a quirky book, full of enchantment, like the first one of hers that I read in 2009Garden Spells — which included a very temperamental tree that threw apples at people.  Have you read any of Sarah Addison Allen's books?


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Great beginning! Sounds like an interesting book!

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