Friday, March 16, 2012

Friday Five ~ the late edition

Jan @ RevGals said, "All day I have looked repeatedly at RevGals to see where today's Friday Five is ... AND only right now, at 2 pm in Texas, do I realize I am the one in charge!  I am sorry I am so late and forgetful.  That brings forth all the times I've been late or forgot something.  How about you?  When have you been late or a no-show?  When have you forgotten something or someone?"

1. at church
This is a big confession.  One Sunday morning, I didn't wake up until mere minutes before the 11:00 service was to begin.  I don't know why my alarm didn't go off (or wake me?).  I lived about thirty minutes from the church, so even if I'd been going out the door, I would have been WAY late.  I called the church, the people took over and did it all, and I even heard from a first-time visitor that she came back to our church because the pastor was honest and didn't try to make up a story for not making it to church.  She kept coming as long as I was the pastor.
2. at home
Kiki used to be an indoor-outdoor cat oh, she loved going outside and she would occasionally want out late in the day.  I remember one time when I went to bed, having forgotten she was outside.  The next morning, I woke late, wondering why she hadn't gotten me up when it was time to feed her.  While I was still lying there stretching lazily, it hit me — she's still outside!  And we were in a new house, a place she didn't know yet.  Was she okay?  Was she gone?  I flew to the door and had to search around the house and call repeatedly before she came.  I haven't forgotten her since then, but she's very leery about going outside unless I stay with her.  Now, she spends most of her time inside, "reading" and writing her Caturday posts.  (She has one ready to post tomorrow morning, since Caturday is the day after Friday, but here's an old one to tide you over until tomorrow.)
3. at work
When I worked for one boss, he was very picky about anyone being late.  Getting three children to different schools, I would sometimes be a minute or two late.  Literally.  In the evenings, I frequently stayed over to work an extra hour or two, without pay.  When he chastised me for walking in the door exactly two minutes late, I decided I would no longer put in extra time after work.  I was never again late, arriving or leaving.  Was that terrible of me?
4. with friends
I've learned that whenever I'm running late for something, it's because I really don't want to be there.  On the other hand, I had lunch this week with a friend who has always been so notoriously late, that I actually considered telling her a time earlier than I would arrive.  But no, I got there a few minutes early and watched her turn into the parking lot only one minute late.  By the time she got inside, of course, she was even later, but it was so "early" for her, that I was pleased.
5. where else?
One of my major failings is finishing something I'm supposed to publish.  I have to force myself to do it, and it's possible that Pastor Julia is already worrying that I'm not going to have the book review for RevGalBookPals for this month.  (Never fear!  I'm on it!)


Jan said...

Bonnie, thanks for understanding about my belated FF!

I loved your honesty, just like that parishioner, about your late instances. And I can certainly identify with you proving to your employer that you're NOT a "late person!"

Wendy said...

I don't know if it's terrible or not, but my spouse has taken to leaving work much closer to on-time since his office has made an issue of a few minutes late. They lose on that deal.

Bonnie Jacobs said...

My thinking exactly, Wendy.