Friday, December 30, 2016

Hope ~ my word for 2017

"Today in all dimensions of life we are searching for a future in which we can really hope."

The Future of Hope (essays edited by Walter H. Capps; Moltmann's is from his 1969 book Religion, Revolution, and the Future), 1970
That quote is the first sentence of J├╝rgen Moltmann's article "Religion, Revolution, and the Future" (p. 102).  "The theme of hope and its relation to the future is deeply altering the thinking of people throughout the world."  That's from the back cover, which also says this book is "an excellent introduction to the men and the issues of the hope movement."  I bought this book when it was new in 1970 and underlined passages all through it, but I'll probably read it again this year as I begin a self-directed study I'm calling Mondays with Moltmann.

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Lauren Stoolfire said...

Very intriguing. Thanks for sharing. :)