Thursday, November 26, 2015

Thursday Thirteen ~ revved to go

The only rule for Thursday Thirteen is to write about 13 things.  The New Thursday 13 is hosted by Country Dew @ Blue Country Magic and Colleen @ Loose Leaf Notes.  If you want to read lists by other people or play along yourself, here's the linky for this week.

1.  Words:
Does a person get "revved" at ordination, as in "she is now the Rev. Jacobs"?
2.  Family:

I've been thinking about doing these Thursday Thirteen posts since one granddaughter's 27th birthday on October 1st.  In the meantime, one of my grandsons got engaged and another grandson took his family on vacation, where 4-year-old Jaxon climbed high.
3.  Health:
My most recent doctor's appointment showed that my blood sugar level (A1C) is down to 6.0, so the doctor took me off Metformin (for diabetes) completely.  We'll see whether diet and exercise is enough to keep me "pre-diabetic" without any meds.
4.  Food:

Donna invited me to help her eat this Frito Taco Pie.  She used crescent roll triangles as the base, ground beef with taco seasoning, tomatoes, olives, shredded cheese, and corn chips.  Maybe more delicious stuff — I don't remember — but it was so goooood!
5.  Weather:
As I compose this Thursday Thirteen on Wednesday evening, it's 57° and cloudy with patchy drizzle possible, here in St. Louis.  On Saturday, we had wet snow flurries.  On Sunday, my building cast a long shadow on a sunny day.
6.  Neighbors:
I am now an "ambassador" to two new residents:  Rosie and Judy.  I'm supposed to take each of them on a tour of our home and give them information about various areas and activities — from the computer center and library to the fitness center, from the Circle@Crown Café to the beauty shop, from the laundry room to the community garden and greenhouse, from the culinary studio to the theater room with its big-screen television.
7.  Activities:
I took Judy to the October Birthday Bash shortly after she moved in. The Crown Center gave me tickets to enjoy a complimentary dinner and to attend any program or bus trip free so I can accompany Rosie and Judy, but I'd rather give the tickets to the newbies, instead.
8.  Books:
I made the "mistake" of going to a bookstore with my friend Joan, so of course I bought a book.  Only one, though, which I consider just short of a miracle.  Zen and the Art of Consciousness by Susan Blackmore (pb, 2011) was first published in hardback as Ten Zen Questions in 2009.  Here's a summary of the book:  "Who are you?  When are you?  What were you conscious of a moment ago?  This groundbreaking book sees acclaimed psychologist Susan Blackmore combining the latest scientific theories about mind, self, and consciousness with a lifetime’s practice of Zen.  Framed by ten critical questions derived from Zen teachings and designed to expand your understanding and experience of consciousness, this book doesn’t offer final ― or easy ― answers, but instead provides an inspiring exploration of how intellectual inquiry and meditation can tackle some of today’s greatest scientific mysteries."
9.  Women's Issues:
One woman wrote about "the every day sexism I’m seeing and witnessing and watching," sexism that nearly every woman and girl knows.  We take "the path of least precariousness" and "mastering the art of de-escalation" is "the reality of being a woman in our world."  Along with this writer, "I’m realizing that men can’t be expected to understand how pervasive everyday sexism is if we don’t start telling them and pointing to it when it happens."  When I discovered this article a couple of days ago, it already had 609 comments.  I printed out the article and several of the comments to use in a discussion group.
10. Catty remarks:
The other day, Clawdia saw sun reflecting off my watch and crept up on it as it "sat" there on the heating/cooling unit.  At first, I moved my arm and let her follow it, but then I held it in place near where she crouched, watching.  She gently lifted a paw, touched it, but couldn't feel anything there.  So she sniffed it, still getting an unsatisfactory clue to what that light really WAS.  That's when she turned away and sat under the step-stool to ponder the mystery.  She seriously likes lights and reflections.  Soon she spotted it again, that light on the wall.  This time, she nailed it!  I took a dozen pictures of her swiping at that white "bug" on the wall.  Unfortunately, I didn't succeed in getting one of both Clawdia and the white spot on the wall.  The white spot is invisible on her black fur, which must have absorbed the light.
11.  Discussion groups:
I accidentally started a new book group when one resident who'd had surgery couldn't go with me to my church book club because of the many steps up to the home of the hostess.  Donna and I agreed to talk with her about the book.  Uh-huh, I invited others and before I knew it, we were planning what to discuss next time.  Donna will lead our December meeting about To Kill a Mockingbird and our January meeting about Harper Lee's recently published book, Go Set a Watchman.  Donna wants us to think about both the scene and the character that most stayed with us from the first book.  What would be your answer?
12.  Friends:
Shon posted this on Facebook night before last:  "My dear friend, Bonnie Setliffe Jacobs, left an indelible mark on my life over a decade ago. It is through her wisdom, generosity, and faith that I was able to reconcile the certainty of my heart with the confusion in my mind. It's a debt I'll never be able to repay. However, I can promise to follow her example: Openness! Maintain a open heart, an open mind, and to never allow my faith to remain stagnant. It's a living, growing thing! My 24th day of expressing gratitude is dedicated to you, Bonnie. Love and peace to you always!"
13.  Facebook:
Do any of your Facebook friends seem to think the more they "share" Jesus the better?  That's why I loved it when I found this "share."


colleen said...

Bonnie, You're a 13 Thursday master right out of the gate!

I'm a lot like Clawdia with reflections and I love her wordplay name.

Bonnie Jacobs said...

I've mastered how a Thursday Thirteen post should be written because for years I've been reading 13 Thursday posts by a master — YOU.

I named the cat Clawdia (spelled that way on purpose) because the place where I live requires we declaw a cat before it can move in here. They refused to make any exception. Some European countries have outlawed the procedure as inhumane. I have read that it is especially awful for elderly cats, and (at 75) I didn't want a lively kitten. I had chosen a rescue cat when I learned about the "de-claw clause," when the rescue place called to say someone else wanted to take her home, I told them to let her go to a loving home. My friend Donna kept calling around town and found an older cat who was already declawed. I rescued her instead, and that's how declawed Clawdia ("de-clawed Claw-dee-ah") came to live with me at the age of about six, the vet said. Her new name allows me to tell this story over and over.