Saturday, January 23, 2010

Invisible Image ~ a meme

I wasn't tagged for this but, giving credit where credit's due, I found an "Invisible Image meme" online a couple of years ago (the post has disappeared). IMHO, it was too danged complicated anyway, so here's MY version, for which I am using this empty-frame photo. So, on with the show ... er, I mean ... meme.

What’s an Invisible Image?

We've all collected images to use later, many of which languish on our C-drives, collecting dust. Take a handful of those stored images, post them with a descriptive line (or not), and see if you can convince a few friends to do the same ... no tagging necessary, but a heartfelt plea that any readers who join the fun leave a comment here so I can come take a look at your stuff. And now my choices.  How would you caption these images?


Nothing's happening on the blogs tonight.

Space saver?


My TBR stack is getting heavy!

Gloating with immense satisfaction.

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