Friday, July 18, 2008

Speaking of cats

This is a three-part post, all cat-related.

1 - cat on the package in today's mail

When I came back from the mailbox with this package in my arms, Donna asked if I'd seen what was on the bottom. No, I hadn't noticed it (yet), but here's the photo I took of the cartoon cat before I even opened the package. The return address featured only a P.O. Box number and a zip code (no name or town), and I had assumed it was another of the books I had agreed to review. It was actually from Dewey. I won The Year of Living Biblically that Dewey gave away after she reviewed it last week, and it arrived in today's mail. Dewey, I had no idea you were an artist! I am so impressed. Thanks for the book.

2 - Dickens is now Junie B.

Kiki, Sammy, and I decided the little dickens who moved in on Sunday could be described as "tiresome" or maybe "more energy than a dynamo" or even "make it stop"! The non-stop kitten drained us of our energy. Donna, who missed about nine hours a day of "fun with kitty" when she went to work, was off on Wednesday and finally realized we really cannot keep such an active kitten who took a walk in my oatmeal and likes to tackle the tails of elderly cats. So she departed with kitty on a journey to the brand-spanking-new animal adoption place nearby. Kiki was so relieved that she came and sat in my lap for close to 45 minutes, sighing and content. When Donna returned in about an hour, all three of us ... Kiki, Sammy, and I ... stared in disbelief as the kitty bounced out of Donna's arms and back into our lives! What happened? The new place takes only 30 adoptions a day, with the next possible date being August 5th, and asked Donna to "foster" the little one a few more weeks.

We did learn something, however. I had thought, upon examination, that the kitten was a girl; Donna was sure she saw a couple of things I had missed and said it was a boy. The adoption center confirmed he's a she. So the little dickens needed a new name. We were going for literary and tried every female name possible ... until Donna thought of Junie B. Unless you have youngsters in your life, you may not know about the Junie B. Jones books by Barbara Park, which even little boys enjoy. Junie B. is always into something, like in this "Sneaky Peeky Spy" story. Aha, just like our little dickens! And the amazing part is that the kitten likes "Junie B." and totally ignored "Dickens" when we said it. Maybe she was trying to tell us something.

3 - and the winner is ... Nucat

Nucat showed up with a 6-5 winning vote in the poll that's been in the sidebar. But on counting the comments in the post about the voting, there seems to be a tie.
Nucat ~ June, Wendy, Chris, Stephanie, Teddy Rose, and Beth
Yella Cat ~ Ellen, Colleen, Linda, Marylyn, Lisa, and Donna
and the winner is ALSO ... Yella Cat

Since Nucat got the most votes in the opinion poll, I'll let him go first. Sorry, Yella Cat, but your turn will come. Yes, I know Junie B. got in the header first, back when I thought she was Dickens, back when I thought she was actually reading in that photo above. It turns out that she is still young enough to need a picture book and wasn't really reading Jim the Boy that was open in front of her. She's an intelligent cat, though, even if she has been known to walk through oatmeal and overturn three full glasses of water. So maybe we'll have her reading before she finds a more permanent home with some energetic children who will be able to keep up with her.


Anonymous said...

Being a June, I was relieved (but not surprised)to find out that Junie B had a literary link. Perhaps now that she knows she's a she she'll calm down a bit :-) Hooray for NuCat!

Bonnie Jacobs said...

Synchronicity ~ within an hour of adding this post, Junie B. (the-cat-formerly-known-as-Dickens) knocked over a stack of books on the table, cascading them to the floor. Among them was Junie B. Jones and some Sneaky Peeky Spying. Dang! That is plain spooky, especially since I didn't realize we even HAD a copy of any Junie B. book, much less the very one I had chosen to illustrate this post.

Dewey said...

Haha, how embarrassing! Sometimes I draw things on envelopes, but I had forgotten I drew on yours.

I just love Junie B! She's so adorable. I want to cuddle her. My cat says it's too hot out to cuddle, and she probably won't get into my lap again until at least November.

Dewey said...

P.S. I just got Dear John in the mail, so I'll be interested to know what you think of it!

Bonnie Jacobs said...

Embarrassing, Dewey? Why? I love your drawing and have cut it out to save. Too bad you didn't sign and date it ... lol.

About your cat ... you really must bear in mind that she's wearing a fur coat this summer. So cut her some slack in the cuddling department, okay?

Bookfool and I are both reading What if...?, and now I learn that you and I are both reading Dear John. I'll be watching for reviews from each of you.

Chrisbookarama said...

I love Junie B! I have read Sneaky Peeky Spy. Very funny. I read it to my girl and she kept saying, "Why are you laughing, Mom?" It's a book for grown ups too.

Hurray for Nucat!

Bookfool said...

Ah, yes, Junie B. I got the connection. Cute name!

I love Dewey's artwork!

Linda Jacobs said...

Very enjoyable posts! I'm not much of a cat person but, after reading about your's, I'm reconsidering!

Anonymous said...

Junie B. is a wonderful name for your lively little kitten. I've enjoyed reading your cat posts! I'm sure Junie B. will find a home soon--she's a cutie.
Three cheers for Nucat!